Conflict will occur in the workplace, it is inevitable … it may be interpersonal, procedural, disciplinary or good old fashioned rows about terms and conditions, but what is certain is that you need effective and flexible conflict resolution methods to resolve those disputes. 

Remember … it is about resolution, not winning and losing.

The landscape in dispute resolution is continually changing and your approach needs to adapt to meet those challenges.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes

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There is often a tendency to refer to our staff as “Assets” or “Resources” or as “Costs” and indeed each of these is true. However, above all else employees are people and how you engage with them can determine how successful your business will be.  With a wealth of experience in Personnel, HR and People Management we can assist you in a broad range of employment areas and we would be delighted to discuss your needs in more detail.

Griffin Management Solutions is committed to providing our clients with a well rounded experience and we ask you to take a few moments to view our other pages to see our complementary services which support and strengthen our service offerings. Our speciality areas include employment services such as relationship management, conflict resolution, recruitment and training, together with our operational management services.  All of our services can be integrated into customised training, mentoring or auditing services for client companies.

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