I had the pleasure of working with Tom on a number of projects initiatives during his time as General Manager of Andersen Ireland. Tom impressed me not only with his extensive knowledge and experience, but also with his pragmatic, results-oriented approach to getting things done. Overall, I found him to be a great guy to work with.

Conor Sheehy

Business Development Executive, IDA Ireland

Tom is charismatic, pragmatic and results orientated leader and manager. It was a pleasure to work with him. Neil Cremin

Owner, Chemical Surface Treatment Technologies

There´s quite a great distance between Ireland and Austria (also in the meaning of culture!) – but with collegues you can rely on, that doesn´t matter. To work together with Tom was always a great pleasure, as he showed a real big range of skills in leadership and People Management. Especially his knowledge in Change Management strategy was really helpful and successful. Beside all Management duties, he never forgets to stay in close touch with “his” staff.

Evelyn Mayer

Director Sales Support & IT; Managing Director PL CZ& PL SK, Pierre Lang

Herr Griffin war als Geschäftsführer der Andersen Limited über mehr als 14 Jahre mein direkter Partner in der Umsetzung von Tausenden verschieden Artikel für die Schmuckfertigung. Es ist mir immer eine Ehre gewesen, mit ihm als Mensch, aber auch als Proditkionsspezialisten eng zusammen zuarbeiten. Extrem vernetztes Denken, exzellente Führungsqualitäten und Handschlag Qualität in allen Belangen zeichnen Herrn Tom Griffin aus. Besonders beeindruckt hat mich seine hohe Professionalität in selbst den schwierigsten wirtschaftlichen Gegebenheiten die wir gemeinsam meistern mussten. Er wird mir als als Partner in der Umsetzung fehlen und kann mit besten Wissen und Gewissen eine Empfehlung sowohl menschlich als auch fachlich aussprechen.

Georg Ehrenstrasser

CEO, Hans Andersen Gesmbh

Tom Griffin was a colleague of mine during our time together with the Pierre Lang group of companies. Tom has a broad knowledge of industrial production, planning, prototyping, metal casting, plating and high level automation.I always found him to be very honest with a high social intelligence and a clear strategic thinker. He is an exceptional People Manager, who can successfully maintain a well balanced dialog with union officials and representatives. He has the kind of personality that I would like to have in my Management Team again.

Franz Rathkolb

Technical Consultant, Swarovski

This is my personal recommendation for Tom Griffin. Until June 2011 I was a management colleague of Tom at the Andersen group of companies. While Tom was the Managing Director of Andersen Ireland production plant, I was in charge of all Marketing activities throughout the group. It was always a pleasure to work with Tom and I especially enjoyed his appearance at international management meetings.

As a brilliant strategic thinker he was always giving a major and relevant contribution to any kind of team constellation he was joining in. His highly professional way of working combined with a smile for everyone he was a driving factor when solutions had to be developped in a short and concentrated way. Even when he had to implement out-of-favour decisions in his area of responsibility he was still keeping his good mood. As a good people manager he was always able to lead his division even through difficult times by being a secure captain.

Generally speaking, Tom is very effective in bringing projects to a positive solution. And in his rich stock of experiences he can always find an appropriate reaction to any kind of business situation that may come up. Tom has my highest recommendation and I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased if you can work with him in any kind of way.

Christian Suppan

Marketing Manager, Andersen Group

I recently needed to write up my business plan for an important meeting that was coming up.  I have no experience writing a Business Plan and it was a daunting task for me. I sat down with Tom to discuss what I needed to do and he went through the process with such precision and detail that I was amazed at how easy I found it.  He helped me throughout each piece of the plan, giving me advice and guidance at every hurdle that I came across. I honestly would not have been able to to finish my business plan to such a high standard without Tom’s expertise and experience. I would recommend him 100% for all business matters.  His approach is so helpful, kind and professional and the wealth of knowledge that he has in relation to business is outstanding.

I am definitely a very happy customer!

Tara Collins

Owner, TLC Interior Designs

Tom was an exceptional leader, very organised and professional in all aspects of his management dealings at Andersen. His people skills and approachability in all situations were exemplary. It was a pleasure working with him.

Martin Madigan

Mould maker, Andersen Ireland Ltd

Tom is a well rounded professional and easy to work with. He is in a field of manufacture that is riddled with problems to solve every day. He is a master at solving those problems and bringing quality products to fruition for high end quality conscious companies.

Herb Doyle

V. P. Marketing & Sales, Belmont Metals Inc., U.S.A.

Tom is a well-rounded experienced professional who, in his time at Andersen demonstrated a pragmatic approach in managing a multi faceted manufacturing environment and the associated challenges – logistically and operationally both locally and throughout Europe despite challenging economic times. I have always found Tom to be open, honest and a pleasure to do business with in the area of Employee Benefits where he, together with his team made solid strategic decisions, commercially sound and critically always in the interest of the staff and company alike.

This engaging approach is testament to the impeccable industrial relations record in this unionised site. Over and above this, the culture on site was innovative, efficient and friendly- a great sign of a fully engaged workforce. Tom negotiated the best value proposition for his staff and didn’t apologies for it. Tom possesses the unique combination of strong technical skills, with highly effective management skills. These talents combined make Tom a highly motivated, and highly effective general manager that is capable of delivering on strategic business initiatives in a mindful way. He is someone whom I found open to new ideas and worked collaboratively including his staff and management team as appropriate.

It was always a pleasure interacting and working with him at Andersen on various aspects of their Employee Benefits Programme. To me, Tom is one of the rare managers who actually cares for his team through good times and bad. There are very few managers who are technical enough to talk shop, experienced enough to manage relationships with senior trade partners globally yet loyal enough to give their team honest support. He always had time for a bit of GAA banter too!!

Tom has a wealth of extensive experience in a wide sphere of areas from strategic realignment projects and employee relations to production management. With confidence, I can say that Tom will add value to you and in a very un-assuming and cordial manner.

Deirdre Horan

Customer Service Delivery (Pensions Manager), Aviva Direct Ireland Limited

In working with Tom, I found him to be professional, practical and very business orientated in his delivery. An excellent manager and strong operations person.

Breda O'Toole

Head of Regional Business Development, IDA Ireland

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